Knowledge Base

Application Masking/File and Folder Manipulation

Information on FSLogix file, registry, printer, and font hiding/masking (See also FSLogix Documentation on: Application Masking and the Application Masking Quick Start)


Information on FSLogix Data Containers (FSLogix Documentation on: Profile Containers and Office 365 Containers and Application File Containers)

FSLogix Agent

Information on the FSLogix Agent (See also FSLogix Documentation on: FSLogix Agent and FSLogix Agent Install)

Java Version Control

Information on FSLogix Java Version Control (See also FSLogix Documentation on: Java Version Control and the Java Version Quick Start)

Office 365 Containers

Information on FSLogix Office 365 Containers (See also FSLogix Documentation on: Office 365 Containers and the Office 365 Containers Quick Start and Office 365 Configuration Settings)

Profile Containers

Information on FSLogix Profile Containers (See also FSLogix Documentation on: Profile Containers and the Profile Containers Quick Start and Profile Configuration Settings)


Information on FSLogic single and multi-user Search (See also FSLogix Documentation on: Windows Search)